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AUTO-Commentary on WORLD REFUGEE DAY, 2013
June 8, 2013

Transitional referral and emergency ad hoc committee under AMAAM

We thank our Board Members, our supporters and friends for their unreserved support in the last 30 years of serving African immigrants. As there is a time for every season our center has closed its doors June 30, 2012 regarding its social adjustment services. AMAAM will exist as a virtual (web) advocacy, educational, dialogue, welcoming and site to promote tolerance, reconciliation and good will for African immigrants who have voted on their feet in search of freedom and dignity to come to America. AMAAM staff, Board members and clients are grateful to the people and government of the United States to be here. We are the fabric of a contributing grateful society capable of realizing our dreams through unity in diversity.

In order to have a sense continuity Tsehay Mengiste, Kadar Hussein, our previous staff members and Good Samaritans shall work as volunteers with clients who do have emergency needs, catastrophic medical conditions, emergency transportation, emergency interpretation 1-2 day a week. They will be working in the Transitional Ethiopians Without Boarders African Immigrant Committee (TEWAIC). The mission of this committee is referral of African refugees and Immigrants who need services to the International Institute (mainly) and other agencies. The mission of the committee is transitional and limited in nature for a maximum of one year until Board organizes a stronger referral and resource identification committee in catastrophic and emergency needs. Its main area of concern includes funeral arrangement for community members . They will organize fund raising in times of community need within the client population. The committee is a self-sustaining membership body that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the population. The committee shall only accept donations from inclusive organizations and individuals, who do have a track record of respecting this country as a country of immigrants and who to make a difference and promote positive outcome of assimilation towards the betterment of the nation.

AMAAM’s web site will remain for email, educational, event and advocacy purposes in the archive section of this page according to its mission. Web site manager and advocate can be reached by the same AMAAM email and the transitional committee can be reached by voice mail and emails indicated above.


AMAAM   (April 10, 1983- June 30, 2012)

AMAAM has only closed its door for social adjustment services; it remains as an advocacy, charitable and educational virtual entity that promotes welcoming, tolerance, conflict resolution, mediation and reconciliation to make America and the world a better place to live. It shall also appoint self-sustaining committees on need basis to solve community issues.

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